For full information about the mechanism and conditions of the competition, please check the LightUP Festival Palas Iasi regulations.


Rules of the

„LightUp Festival” Competition

Palas Iași, 28th of July – 28th of October 2017



Art 1. The Organizer of the Competition


(1) The organizer of the „LightUp” competition is SC IULIUS MANAGEMENT CENTER SRL, headquartered in the City of Iaşi, 7A Palas Street, building A1, 2nd floor, office A.b-8, Iaşi County, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J 22-2758-2006, registration code for VAT purposes RO 19181463, bank account no. RO73 BACX 0000 0000 2033 8254, opened with Unicredit Bank, Iasi Branch, represented by Mr. Emilian Gabriel Grosu, in his capacity as Administrator, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer, by Mr. Ovidiu Galan as the Authorized Representative.

(2) The contestants are bound to comply with the provisions of these Rules of the Competition (hereinafter referred to as the „Rules”), and the contestants shall sign a statement in this respect at the same time as entering the Competition.

(3) The Rules are available free of charge to any interested person, being posted at all times during the Competition on the website www.lightupfestival.ro (hereinafter referred to as the „Website”).



Art. 2

Venue and tenor of the Competition


(1) The competition will be held during 28th of July – 28th of October 2017.

(2) The competition is organized in Iasi, Romania and will be held in the Palas park on the southern façade of the Palace of Culture.

(3) The competition is held during the time period mentioned under art. 2 and art. 4.

(4) After the closing time and date of the Competition, the Organizer no longer has any responsibility, and undertakes no obligation in relation to any circumstances which may lead to the conclusion that the Competition is still valid and continuing.



Art. 3

Right to participation


Audio-visual / multimedia artwork producers (hereinafter individually referred to as the “Participant”, or collectively as the “Participants”) may participate into the Competition, irrespective of the nationality.

The following persons do not have the right to participate into this competition: employees of S.C. Iulius Management Center S.R.L., Palas Iasi, employees of the companies which are involved in the organization of this competition, as well as the members of the families thereof up to the 3rd rank.

Minors under 18 years of age must receive the written consent of the legal guardian in order to participate into the competition.

Participation into this competition involves acceptance of the provisions in these Rules.



Art. 4

Mechanism of the Competition


(1) The Participants shall register with the Competition by sending the following items to the Organizer, via an electronic file sharing system, such as for example www.wetransfer.com, to the email address: lightupfestival@palasiasi.ro, during 28th of July – 27th of August, 24.00 hours:

a) the registration form containing the full list of authors/producer artists who have collaborated in the achievement of the Work, as well as the identification details of same (social security number of passport number for the participants of a different nationality, series and number of the ID document), along with the statement referred to under art. 1, paragraph (2) of the Rules, containing the identification details of the Participant and signed by the Participant or the legal representatives thereof;

b) Three static snapshots and a 30 seconds’ long animation demo which are representative for the Work, along with a brief description of the proposed concept and the Work scenario. Same should comply with the conditions listed under the “Informații Tehnice/Technical Information” section on the www.lightupfestival.ro website.

(2) The preliminary selection will be made in compliance with the registration conditions posted on the lightupfestival.ro website and provided in these Rules. The entered projects will be subjected to a preliminary selection on the basis of a scoring system that will evaluate:

• content;

• creativity;

• technique;

• message;

• visual impact;

• inclusion of architectural items in the video product.

(3) The jury of the Competition is appointed by the Organizer. The composition of the Jury is publicly announced on the Website of the Competition. The Jury, formed of maximum 5 members will be announced by the organizer by 20th of August 2017.

Following the preliminary selection 6 finalist teams will be selected from the total number of registered participants, who will be subsequently announced by a confirmation message via electronic mail and/or telephone. The limitative list of Finalists is the list announced on

1st of September 2017 on the www.lightupfestival.ro/finalisti webpage.

(4) The Finalist(s) shall send the Organizer by 10th of September at the latest, the name and identification details (social security number or passport number for participants of a different nationality, series and number of the ID document) of the two natural entities who will represent the Finalist(s) in the public projection of the Work on the Competition day, as well as in the ancillary events, namely the rehearsal for the preparation of the public projection and, if the case, the prize awarding festivity.

(5) The Finalists shall send their Work in the final form thereof by 20th of October 2017 by means of an electronic file sharing system, such as for instance  www.wetransfer.com to the email address of the organizer: lightupfestival@palasiasi.ro

(6) The Finalists shall participate on 27th of October 2017, in accordance with the instructions provided to them in due time by the Organizer, in the rehearsal for the preparation of the public projection.

(7) The Finalists shall publicly project the Work on 3 December, accordance with the instructions provided to them in due time by the Organizer, on the façade of the Palace of Culture. The projection is accessible by the large public.

(8) The winners of the Prizes are determined depending on the number of short text messages (Short Message Service) with a normal fee, sent to the benefit of each Participant to the telephone number to be posted on the website of the competition on 27th of October 2017, such number being accessible in Orange, Vodafone, Telekom mobile networks, or other mobile telephone services operator during the Competition. The cost of sending a message is the standard one, per the fees applicable by each mobile telephone services operator.

(9) The contents of any message will consist of one single figure (for instance “1”, or “2”, or “3”), such figure representing the order according to which a certain Work is publicly projected into the Competition. In the case where several messages are sent to the benefit of the same Participant from the same mobile number, only one message will be taken into consideration for the purpose of determination of the winner of the Public’s Prize. In the case where from one mobile number several messages are sent, and each of such messages has a different Participant as beneficiary, all the messages will be taken into consideration for the purpose of determining the winners. The numbers assigned to each team will be available to the public via the website of the competition.

(10) The name of the winners of the Competition will be public information on the Website, on the day following the date on which same were designated. At the same time, the winners are notified by the Organizer with respect to the winning, by a message sent via electronic mail/telephone.



Art. 5

The Prizes


(1) The offered prizes are:

- 1st Prize: in a total gross amount equal to the RON equivalent of 5000 EUR (five thousand Euros);

- 2nd Prize: in a total gross amount equal to the RON equivalent of 3000 EUR (three thousand Euros);

- 3rd Prize: in a total gross amount equal to the RON equivalent of 1000 EUR (one thousand Euros);

each considering the RON/EUR exchange rate announced by the National Bank of Romania as valid for the day of the prize award.

(3) The expenses related to the bank transfer and taxes related to the prizes are incumbent on the winners thereof. The Organizer will retain these taxes before delivering the prizes.

(4) Prizes will be delivered to the 3 Finalists/winners until the 17th of November 2017.


Art. 6

Works and the use thereof


(1) The Participants have the obligation not to cause, by the Works entered into the Competition, directly or indirectly, prejudice to the Romanian legislation. In particular, the Participants have the obligation not to breach the Civil Code and the Penal Code, the Law no. 8/1996 regarding the copyright and related rights, the Law no. 84/1998 regarding the brands and geographic instructions, Law no. 148/2000 regarding publicity as well as, in general, the legislation concerning the rights of personality, publicity and intellectual property.

According to Law no. 8/1996 regarding the copyright and related rights, the creation must be original: creation made for the first time, in a certain form which would represent such first original.

An original document is prepared with all legal forms required and accepted by the society and has, by way of authenticity, a real, uncontestable value.

Something can be an original only in the case where same is the result of the independent creative efforts.

Same shall not be an original in the case where it copied something that already exists.

The contestants bear full liability over the projects entered into the competition with respect to the breach of persons to natural and intellectual property, own image or privacy. The Organizer of the competition may under no circumstances be accused for such consequences.

The Participants represent that they acknowledged all the provisions of the copyright law (Law no. 8/1996) and that they are the only ones liable towards the state institutions in case of infringement thereof, while S.C. IULIUS MANAGEMENT CENTER S.R.L or the legal representatives thereof are exonerated from any liability, criminal or otherwise with respect to the participant’s breach of such legal obligation.

(2) The Participants have the obligation to provide that the Works entered into the Competition do not contain any verbal and/or figurative brand, any industrial drawing and, in general, any sign, message or image which would represent publicity to the benefit of a person or a product and/or service. Also, the Participants have the obligation to provide that the Works entered into the Competition do not contain any verbal and/or figurative brand, any industrial drawing and, in general, any sign, message or image which would suggest a potential association between a Participant and a certain Work.

(3) The Participants have the obligation to provide that the Works entered into the Competition do not contain any item of a sexual, racist, offensive connotation or which would prejudice any other person/entity. Also, the Participants have the obligation to provide that the Works entered into the Competition do not contain any item of a political connotation.

(4) Each Participant has the obligation to warrant that the Work entered into the Competition is produced by the Participant, that it is made by its authors, performer artists/producers, that it is original and does not infringe the copyright, related rights or any other intellectual property right pertaining to or exercised under legal conditions by a third party, and that the Work does not contain any item which could generate an obligation (of a patrimonial or non-patrimonial nature) incumbent on the Organizer in relation to the use of the Work by the Organizer.

Each Participant has the obligation to warrant that the Participant has not acted in such a manner as to prejudice the assignment consented to under paragraph (6) or which could prevent or challenge the Organizer in the enjoyment of the exercise of the rights obtained in relation to the Work.

(5) The Organizer reserves the right to remove from the Competition those Works which, in the Organizer’s opinion, prejudice directly or indirectly the Romanian legislation and/or the obligations provided hereunder. The Organizer also reserves the right to withdraw the capacity as winner of the Competition of that Participant who, after the awarding of said prize, proves to have breached the Romanian legislation and/or the obligations provided hereunder, and the Participant undertakes to promptly return the prize to the Organizer. In the case where a person deems that its legitimate rights or interests are infringed by a certain Work, same has the right to notify the Organizer either by sending registered mail with confirmation of receipt to the Organizer’s headquarters, or by sending an email to: lightupfestival@palasiasi.ro. The notice should include the full identification details of the sender, the identification of the Work or that part of the Work which is deemed to have infringed the legitimate rights or interests of said person, and also, to prove the existence and coverage of the legitimate rights and/or interests of said person.

(6) Each Participant assigns free of charge to the Organizer the right to use the Work entered into the Competition, by the following means:

a) to copy same, in full or in part, in a number of counterparts as required for the conduct of the Competition and all the future editions of the event presented on the Website, directly or indirectly, by any means and under any form, as well as to store said copies, permanently or temporarily, including by electronic means;

b) to publicly project same in the conduct of the Competition and in the related events, respectively in the rehearsal for the preparation of the public projection, and, if the case, in the prize award festivity, as well as in the 2018 edition of the Competition and the event presented on the Website.

c) to radio broadcast it, rebroadcast it via cable programs and publicly announce the Competition and said related events by wireless or non-wireless means, by making it available to the public, including via the internet or other computer networks, so that any of the members of the public may have access from anywhere or at any individually chose time.

d) to perform any derivative work of the Work, by any means of transformation, especially, but not limited to, by inclusion into other audio-visual/multimedia works and/or by inclusion into collages next to narratives other categories of works too, for the sole purpose of advertising and promoting all the editions of the Competition and the event presented on the Website, and said derivative works may be used by reproduction, public communication, radio broadcasting and rebroadcasting via cable programs.

e) to broadcast the works of the Finalists who are winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes throughout 2017 and 2018, during a period of time at the Organizer’s choice, on the façade of the Palas of Culture in Iasi.

(7) The assignment referred to in the previous paragraph has a non-exclusive nature. The assignment extends over the territory of Romania and over any territories of all the existing states, irrespective of whether same are officially recognized or not, during the assignment. The assignment shall last for the entire tenor of legal projection of the assigned rights.

(8) In the case where the designated Winner is unable to accept the prize due to various reasons (illness, force majeure or other unforeseen events) or the designated Winner is proven to have failed to fulfill the conditions for the participation into the Competition, as provided under these Rules, the prize will be awarded to the next Participant in the final classification.



Art. 7

Representatives of the Participants into the Competition


(1) The Organizer undertakes to provide for the 1 reprezentative of each team/ Participant who is not resident in Iasi, with the following:

 round-trip flight, in the Economy class of a flight operator between Iasi and the international airport nearest to the place of residence thereof. for only one person per team within the limit of 600 Euros, VAT included/ticket. Alternatively, the Organizer shall bear the vehicular transportation cost for each finalist team within the limit of 1 motor vehicle/team, provided that the team proves the fuel related expenses Accommodation for maximum 3 nights in a 3-stars hotel, in 1 double room.

(2) The Organizer may deem necessary that the granting of the prizes be a public event. The participation into the Competition represents the winners’ consent that the name and image of the Finalists may be made public and used in advertising materials by the Organizer, in compliance with the legislation in force, without any related payment.



Art. 8

Personal data protection


By participation into this campaign the participants agree to their identification details (name, surname, address mentioned in their ID document, city and residential area, date of birth, occupation, email address and telephone number) be entered into the Organizer’s database, and that such data may be used free of charge for advertising activities (TV, audio, media, promotional materials, outdoor means) or in other promotional campaigns organized by S.C. Iulius Management Center S.R.L. Also, the participants agree to participate into the production and broadcasting of the promotional materials of this campaign, as well as to receive promotional items or information via postal services, telephone, text messages or other communication means.

All participants into the campaign are granted the rights per Law no. 677/2001. The processing of personal data shall be made by S.C. Iulius Management Center S.R.L. in line with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001, the notification related to the processing of such data being registered in the registry of personal data processing under no. 6568 with the National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing.

By registering with this promotion, the participants expressly represent that they agree to the Rules of the Campaign and to their personal data being processed and entered into S.C. Iulius Management Center S.R.L.’s database.

The purpose of setting the database are: checking of the identity; promotional purposes, information purposes by various communication means (postal services, email, text message or other communication means) with respect to S.C. Iulius Management Center S.R.L’s promotions or other marketing actions conducted in the future by S.C. Iulius Management Center S.R.L.

Each participant has the right to request the removal from the database, by sending written notification to the Palas Mall address, at 7A Palas Street, to the attention of the Marketing Department.

Upon participants’ request in writing, the Organizer undertakes, depending on the request, to:

a) confirm to the applicant whether the Organizer is processing the personal data thereof or not, free of charge, for one request per year;

b) rectify, update, block, delete or turn into anonymous data, free of charge, the data the processing of which is not in line with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 regarding the people’s protection related to the personal data processing and free circulation of such data.

c) stop the processing of the applicant’s personal data.






The Organizer of the campaign shall not be liable for the payment of taxes, charges or other tax obligations related to the offered prizes, except for the withholding tax that is applicable to individual revenue derived from the promotional campaigns, which tax the Organizer of the campaign is bound to calculate, withhold and transfer to the state budget as per the provisions of Law no. 571/2003 regarding the Tax Code.



Art. 10

Early termination of the Competition


(1) The competition may be terminated only in case of an Event of Default or the Organizer’s impossibility, due to reasons outside its will, to continue this Campaign.



Art. 11

Official Rules


(1) The authenticated Rules for participation are available in copy, free of charge, to any participant. Any request in this respect may be filed at the Information Center in Palas Mall, 7A Palas Street, during 28th of July – 28th of October 2017, Mondays through Sundays, between 10.00 – 22.00 hours.




Settlement of litigations


In case of any potential litigation occurred between the Organizer and the participants into the Campaign, same shall be amiably settled. If the amiable settlement of the litigations is not possible, the parties involved in the litigation shall submit the litigation to the competent Romanian courts for settlement.



Marketing Department


Emilian Gabriel Grosu, Administrator

SS By the Authorized Representative

LS Ovidiu Galan




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